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100mm Process Recorder
The SR100B provides accurate and reliable recording of 3 or 6 process signals on a 100mm wide chart. In-built text printing capabilities give clear annotation on the chart of time, date, scales and channel identifiers. The SR100B can be supplied preconfigured for the signal types and ranges you specify when ordering. All configurations can be adjusted on-site by means of the front panel keys or ABB's PC Configurator.

- 3 or 6 traces
- 100mm process recorder
- Roll or fanfold chart
- High clarity display
- Available preconfigured to your requirements
- 2-Wire transmitter power supply as standard Dust and water resistant front fascia to IP65/NEMA 3

Traces : 3 or 6
Chart type : 100mm strip chart – roll or fanfold
Protection : Front face IP65/NEMA3, rear of panel IP20
Analogue inputs : Thermocouple, RTD, mV, Volt, mA
Display : Alphanumeric and bargraph
Languages : English, French, German – user selectable
Colours : Three traces; pen 1 = red, pen 2 = green, pen 3 = blue
                 Six traces; as per DIN standard
Chart : 12m fanfold or 25m roll
Trace response : 800ms for update of six channels
Input sampling rate : 180ms per channel
Relay output : option
Electrical connections : Screw terminals
Case material : Stainless steel
Dimensions : 144 mm x 144 mm,  x 230mm depth behind panel
Power supply : 85 to 265V 50/60 Hz  or 10 t0 30V dc or 24V ac
Weight : 3.3 kg (approx)

SR100B Chart Recorder
1/4DIN Paperless

Field Mountable
Logoscreen 500CFLogoscreen 500cf
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