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A paperless recorder for capturing, visualising, storing and evaluating measurement data. Logoscreen 500cf can accept 3 or 6 analogue inputs; thermocouple, RTD, dc voltage and dc current.

- Format 144 x 144 mm
- 5" color graphic display
- 3 / 6 universal measuring inputs
- Display of 4 event traces
- Storage of the measured data on CompactFlash card
- Maths and logic function
- Counters and integrators (6 channels)
- Integrated webserver
- Ethernet, Modbus interface
- Minimum storage cycle 1s
- Search function for history analysis
- Evaluation of archived data by PC evaluation program
- Device configuration via keyboard or setup program

Inputs : 3 or 6 analogue inputs
Input type : Thermocouple, RTD, mV, Volt, mA
Screen : 5” STN colour screen, 320 x 240 pixels, 27 colours
Protection : Front IP54, back IP20
Electrical connection : At the back, via pluggable screw terminals
Power supply : 110-240 Vac or 20-53 Vac/dc
4 binary inputs, 3 relay outputs option
Serial interface RS232/RS485 Modbus option
Door with lock (IP54) option

Logoscreen 500CF
Logoscreen 500cf Paperless Recorder
1/4DIN Paperless

Field Mountable
Logoscreen 500CFLogoscreen 500cf
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