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1/8DIN 4 Digit Display
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West P8010 Digital PID Indicator

P8010 is a digital PID indicator by West Instruments providing a highly visible 10mm high 4 digit LED display for a variety of temperature and process applications. It accepts standard instrument signal inputs and can be supplied with either a red or green display. Plug in modules allow for up to 5 alarm relay outputs (latching or non-latching), DC linear retransmission of PV or 24V transmitter power supply.

- Red or green display
- 3 push buttons for easy configuration
- Jumperless configuration
- Plug in output boards
- Self recognition & auto setup of option boards
- Maximum and minimum value hold
- Power supply 100-240Vac or 12-30Vdc / 24Vac

A concise product manual is supplied with each product. RS 485 Comms (MODBUS Protocol) can be supplied as an optional extra. Please contact us directly if this feature is required.

- Size: 48mm (H) x 96mm (W) x 100mm (D)

- Input: Thermocouple, 3 wire RTD, DC linear mA/mV
(Supplied preset to thermocouple as default, but can be configured to RTD, mA, mV or V inputs)

- Output relays rated 2A resistive @ 120/240Vac

- Front panel rated IP66/NEMA 4

- Supply Voltages; 90-264Vac 50/60Hz, 12-24Vac 50/60Hz, 12-30 Vdc

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Configuration and Setup

P8010 Digital Indicator

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