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1/32DIN 4 Digit Display
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1/16DIN 4 Digit Display
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1/8DIN 4 Digit Display
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1/8DIN Dual Colour
5 Digit LED Display
DM640 Indicator DM640
Battery Powered Thermometer
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Loop Powered (Field)
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Loop Powered (Panel

DM640 Digital Temperature Indicator - Status Instruments

Temperature Indicators for Process Control Measurement

The DM600 series of battery powered thermometer indicators accept either RTD or thermocouple input temperature sensors on a 4 digit LCD display. ATEX versions are available for use in hazardous dust and gas areas. The unit is microprocessor based, and the sensor type is selected from a simple to use menu system which is navigated by the use of three push buttons located on the rear of the display.

Battery powered
RTD or thermocouple input options
Push button configurable
4 digit display
Housing ABS plastic or stainless steel
Sealed to IP67
ATEX approved version available in ABS housing

Display: 4 digit LCD

Battery Type: 3.6V Lithium AA replaceable

Battery Life: 1 year minimum

Battery Alarm: Via display

Connection: 3 terminal screw block

Configuration: Security passcode protected

Accuracy: +0.2degC + 0.1% reading
Measuring Range: (-100 to 800) degC

Accuracy: +0.1% of full scale + 0.5degC
Measuring Range: (-200 to 1800) degC

Connections: 3 way terminal block
Maximum Wire Size: 1.5sq.mm
Environmental Rating: IP67 when in appropriate enclosure

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Status DM640 Indicator