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3098 Gas Transducer
3098 Gas Transducer
7835 Liquid Transducer
7835 Liquid Transducer
7812 Gas Transducer
7812 Gas Transducer
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7826 Liquid Transmitter
7826 Liquid Transmitter
7826 Long
7826 Liquid Transmitter
7828 Liquid Transmitter
7828 Liquid Transmitter
7828 Long
7828 Liquid Transmitter

The 7826 Long Stem Density Transducer is one of the latest developments in Mobrey's highly respected family of vibrating fork sensors for liquid density measurement. Factory calibrated, the 7826 density sensor delivers on-line results within minutes.

The 7826 Density Detector is a competitively priced instrument designed specifically for open and closed tank applications. It operates with either a 7950 or 7951 signal converter. The converter will accept both the density and temperature signals from the 7826 long stem densitometer. Based these inputs, the signal converter can infer such parameters as Specific Gravity, percent solids, percent volume percent concentration etc.

The 7826 densitometer uses a resonant frequency tuning fork as its sensing element. A change in fluid density will change the natural frequency of the vibrating fork. This change in natural frequency is continuously detected by the 795x Series Computers, and the corresponding fluid density is updated.

-Suitable for use on open and closed tanks
-Low cost installation
-Integral PT100 temperature sensor
-Lengths up to 4.0 metres
-Rugged and reliable
-Hazardous area approved ATEX II 2G EEx 'd' IIC T4

-Solvent separation
-Brewing (Wort Gravity)
-Evaporator control
-Product mixing
-End point detection in batch reactions

-Stable and accurate measurements - Good "achievable accuracy"
-Tolerant of solids and bubbles
-Factory calibrated
-No moving parts
-No filtration required
-No routine maintenance
-No / infrequent re-calibration
-Insensitive to vibration

7826 Long Liquid Density Transmitter
7826L Transmitter