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MLC9000+ Multizone PID Ethernet Temperature Controllers

MLC 9000+ ethernet controller systems comprise of a communication module and up to 8 control modules. Communication module options currently include Modbus, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP. Control modules are available with 1, 3 and 4 loops. Heater break inputs are available on 1 and 3 loop modules.

Panel space, or rather the lack of it, is frequently an issue but not with the MLC 9000+. Even using a full complement of 8 control modules, providing up to 32 loops, the MLC9000+ still measures only 206mm wide! Operations requiring more than 32 loops can also be accommodated simply by linking multiple systems together.

Banks of discrete temperature controllers can be chaotic. Switching to one, neat, MLC 9000+ significantly reduces installation time and cost.

The MLC 9000+ features a true hot-swap facility. A module can be removed, replaced, automatically re-configured and back in service in under 30 seconds! Yet, unlike some systems, there is no need to touch the remaining control modules allowing them to continue functioning when any of the other modules are removed

MLC 9000+ provides simple, complete availability of all parameters to the PLC/PC or HMI as required. It eliminates the need for multiple customer interfaces and incorporates user-specified parameters into the PLC, enabling simple integration into other parts of the machine control scheme for data collection analysis.

 Easy to set up
Setting up control loops in the MLC 9000+ is easy with the PC configuration software. A set-up wizard configures the system (input type, setpoint, alarms etc.) and then the configuration can be copy and pasted to other loops in the system. Users can also go straight to specific parameters to make any changes required.

 Easy to integrate into the master device
Setting up communication between the MLC 9000+ and the master device is simplicity itself. A 'drag and drop' feature in the configurator selects the parameters presented to the master device. The configurator then automatically generates a custom file (e.g. a GSD on PROFIBUS or ESD for DeviceNet) that can be imported into the master device.

Minimise risk
The MLC 9000+ incorporates an important safety feature to minimise risk of loss or damage. If the fieldbus network goes down (for a user definable time) because, for example, the master device crashes or the fieldbus cable is damaged, the MLC 9000+ can be pre set to inhibit its loops or to continue independently.

Better temperature control than PLC/PC
Moving temperature control from a PLC/PC to the MLC 9000+ improves performance and cuts installation costs.
- Quicker to setpoint and faster reaction to process disturbances
- On-demand and auto-tuning - no need to manually tune loops
- Set-up 32 loops in less than 30 minutes
- Only buy the loops required - no need o buy in multiples of four
- Free up PLC capacity by 'outsourcing' loop control to the MLC 9000+

Dimensions: Bus Module: 100mm H X 30mm W X 120mm D
Loop Module: 100mm H X 22mm W X 120mm D
(DIN Rail mount interconnecting modules)
Control Modes: PID, ON/OFF, Manual, Alarm, Multi-loop, Soft Start
Input - Number and Types: 1, 3, or 4 universal per module + 1 CT Heater Break
Outputs - Number and Types: 2, 3 or 6 per module; Relay, SSd, DC LinearProfile
Profile Programming: N/A
Communication: ModbusRTU, ModbusTCP, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet
Software Tools: MLC 9000+ Configuration Software
Supply Voltages: 18-30V DC
Panel Sealing: IP20
Approvals: UR, cUR, CE


MLC 9000 Controllers

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