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Status DM700 Digital Electronic Temperature Indicator

DM700 Digital Indicator by Status Instruments

The Status Instruments DM700 loop powered indicator has been designed to be completely enclosed in a clear polycarbonate cap like the DM640 battery powered indicator, which fits to our standard SCH4 enclosure. Alternatively it is available with a choice of mountings to fit other standard connecting heads. The unit is microprocessor based and set up is achieved by means of three push button switches located on the underside of the module following a simple menu structure.

The 4 to 20 mA loop powered indicator can have a number of standard linearisations applied, such as square root, or a custom characteristic can be entered. RTD and Thermocouple versions can be combined with a 4 to 20 mA transmitter (two wire current sink) with the transmission range set from the push buttons.

The DM700 series can be fitted in a selection of enclosures to achieve IP67 sealing.

A unique feature of the RTD input is the ability to enter sensor calibration data to achieve an exact match for greatest accuracy.

- 10 year warranty

- 4 digit LED display

- Custom linearisation

- Fully programmable by push buttons

- Loop powered

- ATEX version available

All prices are ex-works. VAT, if applicable, charged extra at the ruling rate at checkout

Packing and postage charged extra at checkout

DM700 Digital Indicator