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MaxVu Rail
MaxVu Rail
PMA Temperature Limiter

The temperature limiter TB 45 is intended for precise, cost-effective signal monitoring & limiting tasks. Every TB 45 is fitted with at least one universal input and two output relays. Optionally, the TB 45 can be supplied with an analog output for display purposes.
Galvanic isolation is provided between inputs and outputs as well as from the supply voltage and the communication interfaces.

- Configurable as limiter, monitor, or limit signaller
- Compact design, only 22.5 mm wide
- Clips onto top-hat DIN rail
- Plug-in screw terminals or spring-clamp connectors
- Dual-line LC display with additional display elements
- Convenient 3-key operation
- Communication via bus connector fitted in top-hat rail
- BluePort®front interface
- Two universal inputs (only for device type TB45-1)
- Two relay outputs
- Two pre-alarms
- Universal output for display values

The compact TB 45 is clipped onto a top-hat DIN rail, and can also be unmounted very simply. All connections are of the plug-in type, so that a device can be replaced very
quickly without disturbing the wiring.

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TB45 Temperature Limiter